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Grants under Article 275 (I) of the Constitution

This is a grant in addition to Normal Central Assistance to State Plans to meet the cost of schemes undertaken by the States and approved by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs for the welfare and development of the Scheduled Tribes. These schemes will essentially be used for creation and up-gradation of critical infrastructure required to improve the economy of tribal areas. This scheme is mainly meant for the Community Development in ITDP areas, Service-deficient tribal area and other non-scheduled areas.

a)   Construction/Re-construction/Up-gradation of Ashram and School attached Hostel/School Building.
b) Minor Irrigation scheme i.e.  Check Dam, Water Harvesting Structure scheme, Excavation/Re-excavation of Cannel, Pond/Tank, Pukur, Const. of Irrigation Channel, etc.
c)   Construction of LAMPS Godown.
f)    Const. of Community Hall.
g)   Women work shed.
h)   This fund is also utilized for the construction of Ekalavya Model Residential Schools for ST Boys and Girls and to meet up the recurring cost of the running Ekalavya Model Residential Schools @ Rs.42,000/- per student per annum.

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