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Special Central Assistance to Tribal Sub-Plan

Total tribal population in West Bengal as per 2011 census is 52, 96,953 i.e. 5.80% of the total population of the State. 14 districts, out of 19 Districts are declared as ITDP District. Fund under Special Central Assistance to Tribal Sub-Plan (SCA to TSP) is an additive to the Normal Tribal Sub-Plan (TSP) of the State and is mainly utilized for implementation of various Income Generation programms with 100% subsidy to bring the ST families above the poverty line. 30% of Special Central Assistance to Tribal Sub Plan (SCA to TSP) grants is utilized for Infrastructure Development Schemes related to Income Generation Activities and remaining 70% is used for Income Generation Activities through SHGs and Job oriented training programmes. The Income Generation schemes are implemented by the West Bengal SC & ST Development and Finance Corporation and West Bengal Tribal Development Cooperative Corporation Ltd. The Infrastructure Development Schemes are being implemented by this Department directly through the P.O.-Cum-Dist. Welfare Officers at the District Level in the ST dominated areas.
Income Generation Schemes:-  a) Agriculture & allied activities: Power tiller, Tractor, Diesel Pump set, Minor irrigation (Lift irrigation), Fishery, Composite Fishery,  Beetle - leaf cultivation, Vermi-compost,  b) Animal Husbandry: Goatery, Piggery, Milch-cow, Poultry, House dairy, Bee keeping, c) Small Trade & Business: Grocery, Ready -made garments, Tailoring, Paddy husking, Fruit & vegetables - Whole sale/retail, Stationery shop, Caine &Bamboo work, Sal-leaf plate making, d) Rural Transport: Van-rickshaw, Tata  ACE, Mahindra Maxima, Tata Sumo, Diesel Taxi, Truck, e) Horticulture, f) Fisheries etc.
Infrastructure Development Schemes: - a) Infrastructure which helps the Tribal to generate their income (Construction of cow shed, goat shed, piggery shed , Poultry etc), b) Link Road, Bridge & culvert, c) Market shed d) Minor Irrigation (Excavation/re-excavation of Pond, Const. of irrigation channel, Sinking of deep tube well, Shallow tube well) etc.
Job Oriented Training Programme for unemployed Youths: a) Computer Training, b) Pre-examination training (IAS, WBCS, PSC, SSC, MISC, PSC Clerkship, c) Personal Skill Development Programme (Spoken English, VLE, Spanish language, Basic IT, Soft Skill), d) Agricultural Skill Development Programme through Krishi Shramik Kalyan Kendra etc.
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