One of the important activities of the Tribal Development Department is to preserve, promote and develop cultural heritage of 40 Scheduled Tribe communities of the state. With this aim in view this Department are observing a number of cultural activities throughout every year.


Sl. Activities Brief of Activities
1. Hul Diwas Celebration Celebrated on 30 June.
2. Dr. BR Ambedkar Medha Puraskar One-time reward to meritorious ST students of Madhyamik /ICSE/CBSE and Madrasah. Usually Celebrated in July August in every year.
3. Srijan Utsav Promotion and preservation of Traditional Tribal festivals of Purulia District Celebrated in Sept./October in every year.
4. Birth Anniversary 29.05,962/4 of Birsha Munda Birth Day Anniversary of Birsha Munda One State Programme in any district including Kolkata by rotation.
5. Tribal One Act Drama Competition To promote Tribal One-Act Drama competition at Block, District Level & State Level Celebrated in December/January every year.
6. Block, Dist. and State level Traditional Tribal Dance Programme Santhals Oraon, Munda, Birhore, Sabar. Lodhas, Rabha Mech etc. Have traditional dances like Baha, Don,Langre, Dasai, Danta. Karam etc. Celebrated during October-Decembr.
7. Bishnupur Mela ST SHGs& Tribal Artisans (Art/Craft) product are sold. troupes participate Celebrated during December.
8. Mukutinanipur  Mela Products of ST SHGs and Tribal Artisans (Art/Craft) are displayed and sold in cultural troupe precipitates in the Melas. Celebrated in December/January.
9. Chhou Utsav

Musical instrument such as "Dhols" "Flutes", Chhou mask of "Durga Asur and "Lion" etc. are distributed to troupes. Celebrated in February.

10. Tea & Tribal Festival

In Darjeeling, Alipurduar & Jalpaiguri District by rotation for Promotion of Ethnic culture of the tea areas Celebrated in December January.

11. Karam Utsav

"Karam Festivals" of oraons and Mundas in Sundarban, Dakshin Dinajpur Alipurduar and Jalpaiguri.. Celebrated in September.

12. Promotion & Preservation of Kurukh Language

Endangered Kurukh Language has been declared as official Language of the state. Hence programmes on awareness of promotion, work-shops are implemented by CRI. Held During the whole year in different districts.

13. Poramatir Hut

Poramatir Hut is held in Bishnupur on every Saturday and promote /Sale Terracotta artifactsof the Tribal Artisans.

14. Sarhul Utsav

Sarhul marks the advent of spring season. It is a worship of Sal tree and other natural elements. Celebrated by oraon, Munda,Mahali. Ho and other tribes. Celebrated in April.

15. Paschim Banga Sarkarer Jai Johar Mela

Usually held in the month of January for 3 days in 102 Blocks of the State to improve outreach of State Government's special initiatives meant for the welfare and development of Tribals.