The concept of establishing a Santali Academy was formulated from one of the recommendations of the Committee on Santali Language in the year 2002, and the Committee on Santali Language was constituted vide Govt. of West Bengal Resolution No. 57 CMS dated 05.03.2001 and a report (including recommendations) was submitted on 31.05.2002.

       The then Cabinet on 30.08.2005 decided to set up a Society named "The Paschim Banga Santali Academy" with the concurrence of the Finance Department U.O.No. 167 dated 14.06.2005. Thereafter, the said Academy cam e under the administrative control of the Backward Classes Welfare Department, Govt. of West Bengal vide Govt. Resolution No. 4167-BCW/7P-10/2005 dated 09.12.2005 with its office at Sidhu Kanu Bhavan, KB-18, Sector-III, Bidhannagar, SaltLake, Kolkata -700 098.

       The said Academy was registered under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961(26 of 1961) bearing Registration No. S/1L/52920 of 2008-2009 dated 16.06.2008. As per the provisions of the Act the Memorandum of Association and the Regulations of the Paschim Banga Santali Academy are formulated. The Tribal Development now is looking after the activities of Santhali Academy and the Committees are reconstituted accordingly.

The Aims and Objects of the Paschim Banga Santali Academy are as follows:

  1. to promote, advance, develop and encourage the study of Santali language, literature and culture in all its aspects in the State;
  2. to encourage and arrange for translation and publication into Santali language of scholarly literary, cultural, historical, scientific, legal, technological, economical and reference books and also works on other topics;
  3. to set up own library, archives for the purpose of carrying on research work and to procure manuscript and other articles of eminent scholars in Santali literature and language and also books of other languages;
  4. to encourage the printing and publication of popular classics and other standard works of other languages translated into Santali language;
  5. to encourage the study of Santali language in Schools, Colleges and Universities and to award scholarships to meritorious students;
  6. to commission the preparation of a comprehensive history of Santali language, literature, and culture in and outside the State in Santali and other languages;
  7. to encourage the publication of children's books, magazines and literatures in Santali;
  8. to initiate, assist and undertake preparation, printing and publication of text books in Santali language for schools, colleges and universities;
  9. to award prizes to authors for educative books in Santali on different subjects for schools, colleges and universities and to award scholarship for the research work in Santali language, literature and culture;
  10. to advice and assist the State Government in the formulation and implementation of its policies towards the promotion, propagation and development of Santali language, literature and culture and to keep it informed periodically of the activities of the Academy and the needs of the Santali speaking people;
  11. to encourage, promote and develop Santali journalism in the State;
  12. to encourage and undertake research works on Santali language, literature and culture and to create fellowship for this purpose;
  13. to extend financial help to the deserving Santali scholars, artists, writers and poets to publish their works of merit and to give recurring financial assistance or ad-hoc payments to old and needy Santali scholars, authors, artists, poets, teachers and journalists or their widows and minor children residents in the State, and to provide facilities including financial assistance for advanced studies to Santali scholars of the State for specified periods and for publication of their works and manuscripts;
  14. to give awards for excellence in Santali in different literary fields to scholars, artists, writers, poets and journalists;
  15. to organize lectures, orations and valedictory addresses and to hold seminars, symposia, conferences, dramas and other academic and cultural gatherings;
  16. to encourage the performance of the creative arts through electronic media to bring out and publish journals, periodicals and magazines, Santali books and newspapers, and to give grants- in-aid to Public Libraries and reading Rooms for purchasing Santali books, magazines and newspapers for the readers;
  17. to arrange exhibition of rare and important books, manuscripts, journals, periodicals and works of art in Santali;
  18. to acquire spacious accommodation for the Academy and its allied units for its proper functioning, and to obtain, acquire and accept properties(movable and immovable), articles, donations and gifts;
  19. to work for the promotion and development of Santali language in Ol-Chiki script, and to compile dictionaries, lexicons etc. in Santali language, as well as compilation of dictionaries of regional and other languages and also bilingual and tri-lingual ones;
  20. to sanction grants for publication of books by worthy authors and leading bodies, and to celebrate anniversary of eminent persons of Santali communities;
  21. to prepare and compile suitable terminology for extensive use of Santali language for official purpose within the meaning of section 3B of the West Bengal Official Language Act, 1961 and also for science and other subject of studies;
  22. to give importance for the development, study and expansion of literature and language of the other tribal languages apart from Santali, and to provide books to foster adult education;
  23. to carry out and implement the proposals and the recommendations of the General Council to be adopted from time to time.

The following are the authorities of the Academy, namely:

  • General Council and
  • Executive Council.

        One (1) no. of General Council and Four(4) nos. of Executive Council meetings were conducted in the financial year 2016-17 for adopting resolutions for the development of Santali language, literature and culture in the State.

        Seminars, Workshops on Santali Dictionary, Terminology and Grammar were also organized by the Academy throughout the year.

A quarterly journal in the name "DISHA" were published regularly in Santali Language in Olchiki script.

Paschim Banga Santal Academy has opened a Sales Counter of the Academy at Adibasi Jubliee Market at Jhargram in Paschim Medinipur District for wide circulation of Santali Books to the people . All kinds of Books written in Santali Language are available at that counter throughout the year.

The Academy participates in the International Kolkata Book Fair every year.

The Academy also participates in the Jangal Mahal Utsav, 2016-17 held in Paschim Medinipur District and opened a bookstall for exhibition and selling of rare and important books in Santali language.

Kabi Sarada Prasad Kisku Memorial Award were awarded to the best Author in Santali Language of the Year 2016-17 with a cash award of Rs. 100,000 and a copper plaque in an award ceremony held at Jhargram in Paschim Medinipur District.


Trilingual Dictionary in "Olchiki" script (Santali-English-Bengali) compiling 24,550 santali words, Santali alphabets, numerical, measurements, scientific terminologies, common idioms, Santali terms for different measuring units, months, day & dates with Santali numerics from 1 to 100 etc. has been printed and published by the Paschim-Banga Santali Academy for promotion, preservation and encouragement for the study of Santali language after inauguration on 2nd August, 2017 by the Hon'ble Chief Minister.