The West Bengal Mayel Lyang Lepcha Development Board is created for the preservation and protection of Art, Culture, Language and Promote overall Development of the original inhabitants of Darjeeling - the Lepchas. The Board is a society registered under Societies Registration Act, 1961 and has it's headquarter at Kalimpong.

        The year 2018-19 was an eventful year for the Lepcha Board. The activities of the year are given briefly chronologically. The Board received grant in aid for various development works amounting to Rs. 40.50 cr (State Dev. Scheme), Rs.1.27 cr (Administrative Expenditure) from the Tribal Development Department.

  1. Rong Lee Housing Scheme:- 1163 Rong lee housing schemes are completed.
  2. Jhora Improvement & Drinking Water Scheme:- Twentyschemes were provided for drinking water that has benefitted 71 villages and more than 10000 people.
  3. Night Schools:- 70 Night Schools are constructed in 70 villages for 700 beneficiaries.
  4. 100 bedded Girls hostel at kalimpong is constructed and 30 bedded boys Hostel is consctructed at Barbot H.S. School.
  5. Class room extended at Gitadabling H.S. School.
  6. Construction of Lepcha Bhawan: - The Hon'ble. Chief Ministers graciously laid the foundation stone of Lepcha Bhawan at New Town Kolkata, on 12th of February 2016. It was attended by all the cabinet ministers and top officials. The Hon'ble. Chief Ministers inaugurated the Lepcha Bhawan on 28/01/2021.
  7. 287th Birth anniversary celebration of Pano Gaeboo Achyok: - This was held on 20th December 2018 at Kalimpong. It was an occasion when more than 15,000 Lepchas from Sikkim, Bhutan and Nepal came to celebrate the birth anniversary of the Last King of The Lepchas.
  8. Archery :- The Board organized two archery competitions every year of which one is held in Darjeeling and the other at Kalimpong.
  9. The AKP Tamsang Birth Anniversary: The 104thBirth anniversary of Athing KP Tamsang, Young Lepcha Champion an eminent Lepcha thinker and author was held at Upper Pochock village, Kalimpong on 19th January 2019.