The Kendu Leaves Collectors Social Security Scheme, 2015

This is a flagship social security scheme of the department for the poor Kendu Leave Collectors of the Jangal Mahal Areas (LWE) has been initiated and being implemented since August, 2015. These collectors often die accidentally due to snake bite, elephant attack, storm etc during collection of Kendu Leaves in the month of February to April. It covers the collectors in the district of Paschim Mednipur, Bankura and Purulia. This scheme provides for one-time financial assistance to the registered collector on completion of 60 yrs of age. Apart from this, the collectors can also claim for accidental death, maternity benefit, disability benefit, health assistance etc. On his/her death, the nominee can claim the death benefit along with funeral assistance. More than 35,000 beneficiaries, being almost 100% of the Kendu Leaf Collectors have been brought under the cover of the Scheme.

  1. Financial Assistance to Kendu Leaves beneficiaries
Type of Benefit  No of Beneficiary Rate ( in Rs.) Total Amount ( in Rs.)
Medical Benefit 4 20,000.00 80,000.00
Maternity 103 6,000.00 6,18,000.00
Normal Death 3 1,53,000.00 4,59,000.00
Completion of 60 Years 538 50,000.00 2,69,00,000.00
Total 701 3,08,66,000.00

  1. Kendu Leaves collection during 2019 crop year

During this crop year 5892 quintals of kendu leaves have been collected from the kendu leaves collectors and marketed by WBTDCC Ltd. In this context, 2,31,018 man-days have been created in Paschim Medinipur, Bankura and Purulia Districts. Rs. 2,21,96,000 (2018-19).